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Wonda endurvinnslutunna off wh

WONDA RECYCLE BIN is a practical waste bin in high quality and stylish design. The bin is designed for indoor use and is practical when you don't have space under the sink for your waste sorting or need the space for other storage. WONDA RECYCLE BIN contains two plastic inner buckets of 12 liters each, so that it can hold a total of 24 liters of waste. You can use the buckets for residual waste and food waste, plastic and glass, or perhaps cardboard and cans. It is possible to put garbage bags in the bucket, but it can also be used without garbage bags. The inner buckets are easy to empty and clean, as they can easily be taken out of the bin.

The lid is provided with a "soft close", which allows the lid to close without a sound.

Size: W34,5 x L37 x H50,5 cm
Material: Metal and plastic
Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth with a little detergent added.

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