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Veer Carpets

wandplank vintage zwart 140 cm


22.000 kr.

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Create a cool and unique wall with the various Vintage wall shelves! Wall shelf Vintage adds atmosphere to your home in addition to overview. Not only beautiful, but also very practical. Black mango wood in combination with the steel frame gives a vintage look and therefore fits in different interior styles.

Decorate one or more wall shelves with personal items, vases, figurines and other home accessories for a personal touch in your living room. The Vintage wall shelves are available in different sizes.

Wall shelf Vintage is easy to mount on the wall by means of two mounting eyes and can carry a maximum weight of 20 kilos.


Wandplank Vintage Zwart 140 cm
Wandplank Vintage Zwart 140 cm

Wandplank Vintage Zwart 140 cm



Veer Carpets