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steppe sófaborð - mangoviður - svart

H 38 x B 110 x L 72 cm


99.000 kr.

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The African interior style is unmissable from the latest trends; earthy, neutral and robust designs. The Steppe coffee table fits in perfectly with this living trend. Steppe comes from the Exclusive collection of the Dutch interior design brand. The large round leg provides a striking touch, the slim leg next to it offers extra stability, a dream combination! Material Mango wood is known for its warm golden brown colour, durable growth and long durability.

Mango wood is also characterised by clearly visible grain and colour nuances. The grain, a yellow glow or dark lines and knots ensure that each mango wood item is unique. Mango wood is very strong and one of the harder woods, so a mango wood item will not easily be damaged.


STEPPE Sófaborð - mangoviður - svart





H 38 x B 110 x L 72 cm