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Mette Ditmer

marble sápusprauta lág sandlituð


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Bring the hotel atmosphere into your bathroom with the MARBLE series, which is both elegant and exclusive. The series gives a unique expression, as marble is a natural material, and color and structure therefore vary from product to product. The series is very robust with its weight, and the material marble just gets prettier and prettier as time goes on.

The dispenser, which is available in two designs and two different color variants, has a black ABS pump. Combine the dispenser with the other products in the MARBLE series - TOOTH BRUSH HOLDER, TRAY og CANDLE HOLDERS.

Size: Ø8,5 x H12,3 cm
Material: Marble, black finish.
Care instructions: Wash by hand or use a damp cloth. We recommend ordinary dishwashing liquid. Do not use any acidic cleaning agents.The product is not suitable for the dishwasher.

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MARBLE sápusprauta lág sandlituð



Mette Ditmer