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maan borðstofuborð kringlótt ø120cm

H 75 x W 120 x L 120 cm


119.000 kr.

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- Round dining table in timeless design - MDF with a dark brown finish - Extra beautiful: with clearly visible wood grain - H 75 cm x Ø 120 cm Timeless simplicity: that's what you get in your home with this Moon dining table. The round dining table comes from the Exclusive collection of Dutch interior design brand WOOOD. With a generous 120 cm tabletop, Maan offers enough space for 4 to 6 people. The dark brown finish with clear wood grains gives the dining table a warm appearance and fits well in a botanical, retro or boho interior. Material The MDF board material in our collections is formed from pressed wood fibres that are bonded under pressure using resin. As a result, this material has a very smooth surface. Dimensions - Height: 75 cm - Diameter: 120 cm - Capacity: 80 kg - Weight: 30 kg


MAAN Borðstofuborð kringlótt Ø120CM





H 75 x W 120 x L 120 cm