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dijk prjónateppi 130x170cm sand


15.900 kr.

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- Super-soft plaid - Knitted from 60% acrylic / 20% wool / 20% nylon - Traditional knitting pattern - L 130 cm x W 170 cm The Dijk knitted plaid from the Basiclabel collection is a super-soft addition to your autumn accessory collection. The plaid will keep you wonderfully warm during the colder months and also looks cosy as a decoration in your seating area. The classic knitted pattern brings the atmosphere of traditional craftsmanship into your interior! Material A part-wool plaid is characterised by its soft grip and slightly stiffer structure. The first period, the plaid can be quite fluffy; this is part of the process of this natural fibre. Loose fluff can easily be removed with a hoover and furniture brush. If the natural fibres are coloured, they are also susceptible to discolouration. In this case, keep the plaid out of direct sunlight.


DIJK Prjónateppi 130x170CM Sand