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bequest hár viðarskápur

H210 x B60 x D40


245.000 kr.

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Efni: Endurunninn viður

 The Bequest tall cabinet is part of the Bequest series by Dutch interior design brand BePureHome. Made of recycled pine, the Bequest series features the distinctive design of carved woodwork on the drawer and door fronts. The aged look is given to this furniture by the antique black finish. The metal base ensures that Bequest can support a lot of weight and is stable on straight surfaces.

WARNING tipping hazard!
For cabinets higher than 70 cm, we recommend paying extra attention to the wall mounting. Drop prevention mounting prevents accidents and preserves the cupboard from tipping over.

Recycled wood is also called reclaimed wood. This means that years of use marks are clearly visible in the characteristic items. Every type of wood has its own natural characteristics, with recycled wood the mostly deep grain marks are very noticeable. No new trees need to be felled for recycled wood, which makes this wood processing very sustainable.


BEQUEST hár viðarskápur





H210 x B60 x D40