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Mette Ditmer

art studio vegghilla



23.000 kr.

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The side shelf is a simple and practical item that fits into most rooms of the home: by the sofa or armchair, the shelf will add a personal touch to the room, and you can place a small vase with flowers, a small lamp on it or use it for extra storage space, for a cup of tea and/or the remote control. In the bedroom, the shelf will be practical and elegant as a bedside table, and in the entrance hall the shelf can be used for decoration with a small plant or perhaps with a nice bowl or jar for keys. The ART STUDIO series is inspired by Moroccan architecture, where shelves are often an integrated part of the stone wall itself. The surfaces have a scent of Morocco as well, due to their resemblance with Tadelakt, which is a traditional Moroccan wall surfacing technique composed of lime plaster and black soap made from olives.

The ART STUDIO series is intended to be expanded with additional products for each new collection. The series contains small pieces of furniture produced in stone resin. This composite material can withstand the use of everyday life, and the products are finished by hand, and each one will therefore always appear slightly different from the next, which further contributes to the unique expression of each individual product.

Size: W21 x L33 x H21 cm.
Material: Stone resin.


ART STUDIO Vegghilla



Mette Ditmer