Swan útiborð 

H. 75 x D. 110 cm

Top: frosted tempered glass (5 mm)
Structure and base: painted aluminum

Care advice:
In order not to damage the surface, it is recommended not to place a hot or wet object directly on the table.
Do not use magazines or newspapers as a trivet. The ink used can leave marks which can permanently stain the surface of the table.
To avoid the appearance of marks, do not leave any object stationary for more than 2 months. Soak up spilled liquids immediately with a cloth. Then wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth.
Never allow a layer of moisture to remain on the surface of the product for long periods of time, especially in bright sunlight. Do not place the product near a heat source (radiator, fireplace, barbecue, etc.) or a source of humidity.
Heat and humidity can damage the product. Do not use abrasive products.
Cover and store the product in a clean, dry place, away from bad weather and winter.
Aluminum part
Dust regularly with a dry cloth.
Clean with dish soap and wipe with a clean, dry cloth.
Maintain with circular movements.
Avoid contact with abrasive materials which can damage the surface.
Glass part
Do not hit the tempered glass part with a hard or sharp object.
Clean with glass cleaner and a soft cloth, then wipe with a dry cloth.
Maintain with gentle, circular movements.
Do not put in direct contact with objects which could scratch the sur

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